Love means never having to say… what?

Love Story… the movie that coined the phrase, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  I’ve never heard a more ridiculous phrase.  If anything love requires from us that we humble ourselves and apologize or love will die.

On Christmas day I wrote a blog post that should never have been written on a public domain and has since been removed.  I let my frustrations, grief and anger find their release in writing, which is my therapy.  However, there is no place in any public blog for personal conflicts to be hung out to dry.  Writing is one thing.  Blasting my sons in writing, without warning of any kind, in such a public manner is another, and completely unacceptable.  I’m heartily sorry and will ask for their forgiveness in person.

Love means having to you’re sorry.  Love also means having to say a good many other things, it’s called communication.  Communication is the key to holding any relationship together.  Communication should not, however, take place in personal attacks on an open forum.

I am sorry. I love my sons very much and they truly are amazing sons.

One thought on “Love means never having to say… what?

  1. Love You!! You are an amazing mom and you love your boys so much. It’s just another part of this horrible thing called ‘Grief’! YUCK!!!

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